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Thursday, 18 August 2011


There has been a lot of hype about the English with their black shirts, the Telecom Abstain ad and today Black Tyres. I wonder what would happen if the colour black was trademarked to the All Blacks and no-one could use it or wear it.
Think of funerals with people in other colours. Clergymen would be in maybe red, blue or yellow suits. We could have coloured tyres on cars to match the bodywork or maybe a contrasting colour - yellow car with purple wheels!! No more would we see women in "the little black dress." No more black liquorice straps, no more black jelly beans, no more black tea and no more black pudding. And how about black cats, dogs, horses and cows? Dye them!! There would be no more black appliances, cords, printers, T.V's and printers. No more black cars, scooters and motor bikes. No more black leathers for riding motor bikes nor black boots. No more black hats and helmets. No black umbrellas. No black sexy stockings!!
AND  today on Friday 30 September, we hear that strippers are going to be prosecuted for wearing the All Black uniform.! Well, all I can say is if the All Blacks wear on the field what these strippers were wearing there will be a riot. The girls had very abbreviated tops and very little on the bottom. However, they did sport the Silver fern.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

This is what it looks like at my place right now as evening approaches. It is minus one degrees Celsius and still they keep falling. Yes, those unique tiny snow flakes falling in their millions. If we had eyes like microscopes we would be able to see the different, individual design and beauty of each one. It is unbelievable that each tiny little flake should be unique.
It has been snowing steadily since just after two o'clock. Stokes Valley is now becoming all one colour - white! The roofs are white, the roads are white, the paths are white, the parks and school grounds are white.
It is also incredible that we should have snow falling at all. It is unheard of in living memory for snow to fall like this in Wellington and more especially the Hutt Valley.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

scrapbook pages

These are some pages from my scrapbook of the trip to U.K. and USA I made last year about this time. It seems a long time ago. When I look at the pages though I am back there with all my lovely friends and cousins and my childhood beloved Yorkshire Moors.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Spring Makeover

Today I was in the Mall buying a pair of sale shoes. Sales are almost over and the Spring Fashion is coming into the shops. More clothes to buy; but I shall be revamping and making over what I already have.
I have a few full floral or print skirts from previous years and I was thinking that if I unpicked them, there would be enough material to make a top or a jacket. With a couple of pairs of cheap colourful tights, underneath I would have a new look. Another idea I had was to take off or add a collar, add or take off a trim, add some buttons, add or take away a belt.
Then you could alter a full skirt and remake it as a slim one or a pair of shorts.
I will have fun!!