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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Who Believes in Santa?

When my brother John Peter was about seven or eight, he told Mum that he didn't believe in Father Christmas or Santa anymore. He was too big for that.  Mum said to him that it was alright but he wouldn't expect to get any presents at Christmas then.
Early on Christmas morning while Mum and Dad were still in bed an excited John ran into their bedroom saying, " I don't believe in Father Christmas, but he sure believes in me! Look what I've got." And he held up a pillowcase with presents in it.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Memories.

In 1948, when I was five years old and my brother John Peter was four years old, we spent Christmas at Pike Law, Rishworth in West Yorkshire with our grandparents. They lived up on the moors in a semi detached house. To accommodate us children, a wooden wardrobe in my grandparents room was tipped over on its back and a roomy bed was made for us inside it. 
When we were snuggled down in bed, John thought it would be a good idea if we tried to stay awake to see Father Christmas come with the presents. I think he was a bit worried about him finding us as we weren't in our own house. Just before the candle was blown out Grandddad came to say goodnight and he gave us both a teaspoon of rum. In no time at all we were both fast asleep. So we didn't get to see Father Christmas after all.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


About two thousand years ago, God fell so much in love with with human beings that she decided to send her son to become one of us. So she sent an angel to a young woman called Mary, whom she had chosen to be the mother.
Although this was going to make life difficult for Mary and she really didn't understand how this would happen she agreed

Now Mary was engaged to marry Joseph. After the angel had spoken to him also, they went ahead and got married. When Mary was very close to giving birth to her baby, the Governor decided to run a census and she and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem to be counted. As they were late arriving the inns were full and they ended up in the stable with the animals.

 In the hills around Bethlehem, shepherds were sleeping in the fields minding their sheep.

 Suddenly they were surrounded by a throng of angels singing and telling that Jesus  had been born in Bethlehem and telling them to go and see. They went and found the baby lying in a manger.

 Meanwhile in the East, some kings saw a bright new star and followed it till it led to Jesus.
 They came bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
 And that is the story of how God came to live among us: came to be one of us.